This includes all payroll features, plus HR features including employee handbook, document management and training and toolkits. Paycor’s enterprise-level HCM system helps U.S.-based companies hire, onboard and pay employees. Like ADP Workforce Now and Vantage HCM, Paycor includes time tracking tools, comprehensive workforce management, employee engagement surveys and thorough personnel data and analytics. With three plans, Gusto is scalable for small businesses with limited payroll needs and bigger national enterprises with hundreds of employees. And while Gusto’s two cheapest plans have fewer HR features than most ADP RUN plans, it offers automatic state new-hire reporting, onboarding tools, hiring tools and built-in time-tracking integrations with each plan. Although Paychex Flex starts out at the cheaper end of the payroll software spectrum, its monthly price can escalate quickly depending on how many add-ons you need.

Unlike Gusto, however, ADP Run does not offer upfront pricing or include some surprisingly simple key features. For small businesses with significant future growth in mind, we recommend ADP Run—in part due to the ability to scale up to the full ADP payroll software down the road. The Complete plan offers all payroll services in the Enhanced plan as well as basic HR support. Because products are designed around size, a business has the option to scale up or down to other ADP products if RUN isn’t the right fit.

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However, in contrast to ADP competitors like Gusto, integrating benefits with ADP’s payroll software costs an extra fee. While ADP RUN’s base plan focuses on payroll services, it is easy to integrate other ADP services for a fee. Everything from time tracking to retirement services to insurance benefits is a part of their suite and can be plugged into the existing tool with little effort or setup. This giant of the payroll processing industry offers a whole range of products for businesses of every size.

As one of the big players in the payroll services business, ADP offers services for both small companies and massive enterprise corporations. While its well-known main platform is designed for larger businesses, ADP’s Run service adp run reviews is built for startups and small businesses with fewer than fifty employees. Employers who use ADP RUN can pay U.S.-based employees easily, submit tax returns automatically and administer benefits through a self-service platform.

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RUN Powered by ADP helps small and midsize businesses process payroll and perform a wide variety of HR tasks — all on the same unified platform. ADP RUN is available for companies of all sizes which are based out of the United States. It is recommended for companies with more than ten employees and less than 50 employees and allows for scaling between products if company size changes.

ADP offers support for both employees and payroll administrators, with separate support options available, depending on your role. For administrators, a FAQ page is available, and you can access support using the password provided to you once your subscription is finalized. Direct deposit is included with all plans, and you can connect RUN Powered by ADP to your accounting software to track your payroll expenses. If you find your business growing at a faster pace than you may have anticipated, you can easily move up to one of ADPs other payroll applications. Designed specifically for businesses with fewer than 49 employees, RUN’s intuitive navigation and use of wizards make it a good option for business owners with little or no payroll or accounting experience.

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More than 920,000 clients in 140 countries use ADP for their HR, payroll, talent and HCM needs. RUN is available both for desktop as a website, as well as through an easy-to-use mobile application. The tool is designed to be extremely simple and intuitive and offers a range of wizards to walk through the process. RUN Powered by ADP includes an easy-to-navigate dashboard that provides quick access to all payroll and add-on features.

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At the end of the year, RUN Powered by ADP will also produce W-2s for employees and 1099s for contractors. Budget-wise, RUN Powered by ADP can be affordable for businesses with 10 or fewer employees, but it can become very expensive as employees are added or additional features purchased. If you’re a small business owner, RUN Powered by ADP gives you the tools you need in an easy-to-use format that will have you processing payroll in minutes, not days. Benefits administration, retirement, health insurance and workers’ compensation features are available as add-ons.